Sewer Televising Repair and Clean Out Install in Deerfield by Local Plumber

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Local Plumber Sewer televising and repair in Deerfield Il 60015A homeowner was seeking a local plumber in Deerfield, IL to resolve a back up sewer at their home. During the initial phone call we were told that all the drains and toilets in the home were not draining. This was resulting in a back up and overflow of sanitary sewage at the lowest plumbing fixtures in the home. 

Upon arriving at the location, we televised the sanitary service line at this home in Deerfield to find that their was not only root intrusion but also an offset pipe which often occurs at the foundation over dig.

This blockage required us to gain an emergency sewer repair permit with the Village of Deerfield, so that we could excavate outside the home to make this required repair to this customers sanitary sewer service line. While we were there we installed a clean out which would make access to the sanitary service line more readily available so that we could perform annual sewer rodding to ensure the remaining old clay sewer pipes would remain free and clear of root intrusion.